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What could be more exhilarating than cornering in an electric kart at 50 km/h, shoulder to shoulder with your rivals? Curves, acceleration, speed and overtaking are all part of an electrifying race.

5 feet and over

To drive an adult kart, a minimum height of 5 feet is required for all participants.


In addition to seat belts, our karts feature adjustable seats, pedals and steering wheel. Our track marshals will make sure you sit comfortably.

Electric go-karting

All our adult karts are electric and the track is reserved exclusively for adult karts.

55 kmh/h

Top speed on the track for adult karts.

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Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am to midnight, Saturday, Sunday 9am to midnight.

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Take advantage of group benefits such as a private track or your own private paintball field. Contact us today and book your memorable event.

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